Engineering Services

PCS Engineering offers the experience & drive to find a successful solution.

Certified Engineering Provider (CEP)
Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) created the CEP program to develop an elite corps of engineering professionals capable of providing superior Pro/ENGINEER consulting services to its customers.

CEP certification is analogous to the "P.E." of the CAD world. CEPs have completed extensive training, study, and rigorous testing with the most advanced aspects of the Pro/ENGINEER software.

PCS Engineering is staffed by individuals with CEP Mechanical Design certification to provide you with the assurance that competence with the CAD tools will not limit the innovation, creativity, and precision required to bring your product to market.

Experienced Engineering Services
Our highly qualified team of mechanical engineers and designers has a wide range of industry experience to assist you with all of your project needs.


TEL: 763-425-1383
• FAX: 763-425-0970


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