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At PCS Engineering we assist firms like yours with any or all of the design process by strengthening your efforts when facing timeline issues, insufficient staffing, and the need for additional experience and innovation.

Whether you are dealing with design, modeling, drafting, documentation, FEA or rapid prototyping the constraints to get to market on schedule can be eased by utilizing PCS Engineering. Another beneficial application of PCS Engineering is that it enables you to expand your current design capability and reach your product objectives.


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Many projects have aesthetic attributes that require complex surface modeling. Utilizing PCS Engineering enables you to expand your current design capability and reach your product objectives.

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Looking for part or mold insurance? Finite Element Analysis from PCS Engineering substantiates and or optimizes your design through environment simulation providing you with product design confidence.

  • Static structural analysis
  • Modal analysis including shock and vibration response
  • Random frequency analysis
  • Steady state and transient thermal analysis



Many companies are using rapid prototyping as an integral aspect to their product development. Our rapid prototyping services center on the Fused Deposition Modeling process. FDM technology extrudes ABS plastic layer-by-layer to build a physical part. The result is a strong prototype that you can test for form, fit, and function enabling you to verify designs and reduce tooling costs.


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